Thirteen more weary months of Obama

Reading about the polls which could doom President Obama.

Three major polls this week will give a jittery White House cause for concern. The first, from ABC News/Washington Post shows a significant rise in public anger towards the federal government. The second, from The Wall Street Journal/ NBC, shows overwhelming disillusionment with President Obama’s handling of the economy. The third,  from Gallup, has conservatives in America now outnumbering liberals by a two-to-one margin.

Taken as a whole, this week’s polls paint a picture of a country that is emphatically rejecting the Big Government experiment of the past few years, and turning more and more towards conservatism. The surveys are representative of a sea of polls revealing a deep-seated and mounting opposition to the highly interventionist economic policies of the current US administration, with the latest RealClear Politics average of polls showing 73 per cent of Americans believing the country is moving down the “wrong track”.

All well and good, but I’m betting that Obama will double down on executive power, appoint as many “czars” as possible, and ram through as many regulations as he can.

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